Abrasive Wheels Instructor Training

This course is specifically designed to provide trainees with the knowledge, skills and the ability to deliver training to others with reference to the abrasive wheels regulations set down in the Safety, Health and Welfare At Work (General Applications) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 ( SI no. 36 of 2016)

Course Content Covered Includes
Legislation, Hazards associated, Precautions to be observed, Markings system & information on abrasive wheels, Types of machinery in use, Machinery components & functions, Requisite PPE, Visual Inspections of discs and tools, Storage and transportation requirements, Practical experience selecting and mounting discs to tools, Risk Assessments and Hot Work Permit reviews.

All trainees will get a chance to present a part/ module of the course and will be asked to evaluate, assess and critique deliveries in order to aid personal development and experience on same.
Participants will also be theory tested on course content and will be assessed on their practical abilities on selection, inspection and mounting of discs.

Upon course completion trainees will be provided with all the tools needed to aid delivery to their own clients. Material provided will include presentations, course questions, project exercises, evaluation sheets and a copy of the legislation. Thereafter all participants will automatically be provided with any updated course content, advice on selection and use of training aids or changes in legislation relating to the course.

Course Duration: 2 Days
Instructor is a QQI Qualified Trainer, Certified Abrasive Wheels Instructor and comes from a Construction Trade/ Professional background.